Coxing Information

When I first came to Imperial, I’d never of thought that I was going to end up rowing… well maybe I’m not telling the full story as after a year I ended up as one of those shouty people in a rowing boat.
In the rowing club there is space for people of all sizes and weights with our coxing squad offering a different take on that rowing thing. It’s a chance for the more vertically challenged individuals to play an active and integral role in the ultimate team sport. Whether you have rowed or coxed before or a complete newcomer to the sport (like I once was) we would love to have you involved.
Coxing is so much more than just shouting “ROW”. Contrary to popular belief, a cox also steers the boat while also motivating the crew to try harder, acts as a tactician and becomes a mini rowing coach. Sound tough? Most things usually are the first time you try them. But as with any skill, to be a good cox takes time; you need to understand good technique, be able to communicate effectively and play a key role in tactics whilst motivating crews to achieve to the best of their ability. It is not a position for the self-orientated, nothing in coxing can be achieved without rowers willing to push themselves to the limit. You encourage them and help technically and in turn they invest time in helping your development, allowing you to achieve and grow together once you get racing.
By being a cox, you also dip into a social experience which can only be described as bloody great. Because you are an integral part of that crew, not only do you train together, but you party hard together. The bonding happens both on and off the water!
At ICSMBC, as a cox you will be allowed to express a preference of men or women and we select people on a fair and equal selection criteria (the better cox you are, the better chance of getting the boat you want). Senior coxes will also have the opportunity to work with the novice captains by coxing the novice boats where you’ll get watch fresh faced rowers develop into a functional crew in the space of months. Novice coxes, you will be working with the senior boats (they don’t bite!) to develop your coxing repertoire before you can start coxing other crews.
Lastly, I must stress that coxing at ICSMBC compared to other boat clubs is far more relaxed. Your degree and you having fun comes first, coxing is second. If you want to row and cox, by all means do. If you just want to try a few coxing sessions, come along, sign up and we’ll get you out on the water! On the flip side, if you want cox on a regular weekly basis, we’ll happily give you a regular crew which you can bond and mould. We do our best to cater for all types of commitment!
So if you are interested in joining the cox squad or would like to find out more, please contact me via the “Contact Us” page, or email me directly at
I look forward to welcoming you to the exciting world of coxing at ICSMBC.
Shannon O’Floinn (actually a guy)
Coxes Captain 2015-16