ICSM Retain Headship

The annual United Hospitals Bumps race took place in late May, with ICSM fielding the most crews of any UH Club! The course starts at Brentford Dock, ending at Mortlake, with crews starting in the order they finished the previous year.

Men’s 1st VIII – Retained Headship (Top M1 Crew).

Men’s 2nd VIII – Wooden spoons and medals (top of the M2 category, but got bumped in every race). They will start 6th in 2017

Women’s 1st VIII – Bumped Bart’s and have moved up to 4th for 2017!

Phoenix Men’s – Bumped by RUMS2 and ICSM3, second in the Alumni category.

Phoenix Women’s – Bumped Bart’s W2 and George’s W2, winning the Alumni category, with a view to bumping RUMS W2 next year!

Novice Boy’s 1st VIII – An up and down weekend saw them overbumped, but then bumped RVC1 and Phoenix. Winners of the M3 category (Novice Boys)

Novice Girl’s 1st VIII – After some unfortunate technical issues the Novice Girl’s will start in 17th for 2017 (down drom 14th).

Thank you to the UH Captains 2015-16 for organising a cracking weekend of racing and an excellent after party – there were defintely some sore heads the next day. It was a great way to end the season, and we are already looking forward to the next.




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