ICSM’s men’s squad headed up to Nottingham last weekend to compete at BUCS Regatta. Being the largest student regatta in the world, BUCS provided a good platform for the squad to show the progression they had made on their week long camp in the Temple-Sur-Lot.

Saturday: Mens Intermediate VIII – Placed in the D final after an average time trial (with coxbox failures and a strong headwind), finishing 4th, 1second ahead of KCL.
Sunday: Mens Intermediate IV+ – A last minute boat change and flurry of activity saw another average time trial. The IV won the C Final in a strong field, finishing 9/55 overall (on time) in the MInt4+ category, once again beating KCL, RUMS, UCL and UL (B).

Onwards to Bumps



Welcome Class of 2022

First of all, congratulation of getting your A-Level results! If you’ve gained a place to do medicine at Imperial then you’re among an elite few!

ICSMBC is the largest sports club in the medical school, offering unrivalled socials, academic support and rowing to suit all abilities (from Novice’s to seasoned rowers).We’ll be out in force during the Fresher’s period, come and find us at Fresher’s Fair to find out more, or email our captain Sophia (Sophia.von-widekind14@imperial.ac.uk).

Look for us on Twitter and Instagram!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Road to Henley Qualifiers

In late may, four member’s of the Men’s 1st VIII climbed into a IV+, borrowed from UCLBC. After BUMPS was over, we got out for a few outings and realised we had a lot of work to do if we were going to have a chance of qualifying.

Peterborough Spring Regatta

After a few sessions in the boat, we decided to go and do some racing and training in Peterborough. Arriving on the Saturday, we set up the boat and our tents ready for a full day of racing. We’d entered both NOV.4+ and IM3.4+ (as none of us had any points), making it through to both finals. IM3 was up first, where we were narrowly beaten by a UCL crew and another club crew. Immediately following this final we got back on the water to race the NOV final, after a close fought battle with UEL, we lost by half a foot.

We took some solice from this performance, as we’d only done 3 sessions before racing a packed schedule. Whilst we were in Peterborough, we took the chance to get 3 solid sessions in (On Sunday) on some flat water with the sun shining down.

Norwich Training Camp

Escaping tideway was the aim, Norwich was the game. We took our boat, cox, rowers and coach up to Norwich for the weekend, with 3 days of flat water and hard rowing.

This was an invaluable experience, packed with laughs and great training. The facilities at the Whitlingham Boat House were excellent, and we made full use of them.

Marlow Regatta

Sometimes, things just don’t go your way. The rowing felt good, but the times were slow; overall it was a dissapointing day of racing and we weren’t as competitive as we’d hoped to be.

Henley Qualifiers

Race morning arrived and the boys met bright and early to drive up to Henley, acquired a McDonalds Breakfast en route. Having been out on the course in the preceeding week, we were feeling good, knowing the landmarks and our race plan.

The wind had whipped up as we sat on the start line, opting for a racing start, and we were thankful that we’d lightened our gearing. It has an exceptionally hard slog, but we got out of the blocks hard and fast with rates we hadn’t seen up until that point. Everything was going swimmingly well until we got to Fawley and wind was taking its toll.

It was a slow day for all the Prince Albert crews, with all on the non-qualifiers posting times over 8minutes . ICSM posted a time of 8minutes48, beating many of the crews that had beaten us at Marlow, including UCL, and beating the UEL crew that had beaten us at Peterborough.

We all learned a lot from the experience, and are hoping that it’s going to help us get a punchy start next season.

Special thanks should be given to a few people:

a) James Davey gave up a great deal of time and patience coaching the IV+. Without his tireless efforts, we wouldn’t have been in any sort of shape to compete with other crews, and his extensive range of technical terms created some light hearted amusement

b) UCLBC and Jamie Smith for lending us a very nice IV+ for June.

c) The Whiting Family and Norwich RC for hosting our mini training camp!

BIGBLADE HQR_16_06204_over_1200x800

Credit: Big Blade Photography


Cox – Evie Taylor-Davies

S – Lewis Rogers

3 –  Aziz Younes

2 – Morgan Hughes

1 – Luke Whiting

Coach – James Davey.

ICSM Retain Headship

The annual United Hospitals Bumps race took place in late May, with ICSM fielding the most crews of any UH Club! The course starts at Brentford Dock, ending at Mortlake, with crews starting in the order they finished the previous year.

Men’s 1st VIII – Retained Headship (Top M1 Crew).

Men’s 2nd VIII – Wooden spoons and medals (top of the M2 category, but got bumped in every race). They will start 6th in 2017

Women’s 1st VIII – Bumped Bart’s and have moved up to 4th for 2017!

Phoenix Men’s – Bumped by RUMS2 and ICSM3, second in the Alumni category.

Phoenix Women’s – Bumped Bart’s W2 and George’s W2, winning the Alumni category, with a view to bumping RUMS W2 next year!

Novice Boy’s 1st VIII – An up and down weekend saw them overbumped, but then bumped RVC1 and Phoenix. Winners of the M3 category (Novice Boys)

Novice Girl’s 1st VIII – After some unfortunate technical issues the Novice Girl’s will start in 17th for 2017 (down drom 14th).

Thank you to the UH Captains 2015-16 for organising a cracking weekend of racing and an excellent after party – there were defintely some sore heads the next day. It was a great way to end the season, and we are already looking forward to the next.



Men’s Squad Ride to Paris!

Annually, the Imperial College School of Medicine Raising and Giving team organise a trip to a European city for a night out; with this year’s destination being Paris. When this was announced, the ICSM Boat Club thought, why take the coach, when you can cycle there for charity instead? It’s only 295km after all.

At 4:45pm on Friday evening, twelve naïve cyclists set off from Queen’s Tower for the ride to Paris, with a target time of under 24 hours. Initial progress was slow, given the Friday afternoon rush hour, but after surviving Tooting and escaping the M25 we sped into the pitch black roads of the South-East. Shortly before our first scheduled stop with our supporters (Tom and Luke), we suffered our only two punctures of the journey. After a quick repair we set off in search of Newhaven; 100km and five hours after leaving IC we reached the ferry, ready to catch a couple of hours of poor sleep on the four hour crossing.

At 4am (Local Time), we disembarked at Dieppe, ready for the 195km leg of the journey. Despite an initial navigation error, we made good progress through the small hours and sub-zero temperatures along the Avenue Verte. The sun was, finally, seen after about 100km and, energised by a sweltering 3 oC, a chain gang was formed through the French countryside. Suddenly finding ourselves just 40km outside of Paris, entering Poissy, we stopped for a final food, toilet and caffeine stop and were for the final push. Central Paris and the Eiffel Tower remained in our sights as we took the “Scenic Route” via the Bois de Boulogne, but eventually, with Tom, Luke and the Van behind us, we rolled up the Champs Elysee towards the Arc de Triomphe and it was all over.

21 hour and 54 minutes of pain, dodgy banter and freezing temperatures were all well worth it for the tremendous total of over £1100 for RAG.

Written: Jack Stuart and Lewis Rogers

Welcome to ICSMBC

ICSMBC is the largest mixed sports club at ICSM, with over 120 members.

Whether you’ve never rowed before or you’re a seasoned rower, we have facilities to cater to your needs. Our novice boys and girl’s squads often reach in excess of 60 members each year, and our members often find their novice years to be one of the best times they’ve had at ICSM.

Our senior crews benefit from both external and experienced coaches. Our senior Men’s 1st VIII qualified for the Henley Royal Regatta Temple Cup in 2013 and 2014, and we are hoping to achieve the same this year.

If, like myself, you prefer to have a more leisurely exercise regime, we offer a social rowing program, which allows members to get on the water when they want without sticking to a routine training program.

Off the water, our social calendar is also one of the most extensive seen at ICSM, with events nearly every week in the first and second term. This includes our renowned annual trip to Leuven in Belgium.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at luke.reader12@imperial.ac.uk.

Best wishes, Luke Reader ICSMBC Club Captain.